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Unleash the Power of Stratum: Feature-rich Elementor Addons for Free

Looking to enhance your website with powerful and versatile Elementor addons? Look no further than Stratum! With a comprehensive suite of free widgets, Stratum offers a wealth of design possibilities for designers and developers alike.

Feature-packed Free Elementor Widgets

Stratum boasts over 20 free Elementor widgets, many of which are typically found as premium features in third-party plugins. Whether you’re building landing pages, portfolios, or creative blogs, Stratum’s addons are perfect for crafting authentic and visually stunning websites. Simply search for “Stratum” in your WordPress dashboard or download it for free on

Business-critical Elementor Addons for Every Niche

Stratum caters to freelancers and established businesses alike, offering essential Elementor addons for every niche. Build and customise Testimonials, Pricing tables, Progress bars, Galleries, Posts, Comparison tables, and more with ease. These widgets are perfect for both basic and advanced website pages.

Stunning Visuals with Interactive Elementor Extras

The Stratum Elementor addons plugin focuses on lightweight, interactive visuals for all types of content promotion. Create eye-catching Masonry galleries, animated Banners, Flip Boxes, Image Hotspot interactive images, and fully customisable sliders. Use these widgets as powerful calls-to-action, brand message boosters, and creative ads to elevate your product and service presentation.

Innovative Free Elementor Addons

Stratum delivers some truly innovative free widgets that are often found as standalone Elementor plugins or premium solutions. Add lightweight motions with Lottie animation widgets, or introduce an advanced content switcher. You can also create tables, countdowns, and progress bars with a plethora of tunable settings.

Advanced Design Toolchain for Customisation

Take your Elementor design goals further with Stratum’s advanced customisation flexibility. Enjoy deeper alignment, layout, background overlay colour, and style customisation options, as well as animation effects, icons, and design presets. Plus, Stratum offers Template Library integration for some widgets.

Elementor Templates & Themes Powered by Stratum

Stratum comes with a range of Elementor templates and themes, all powered up by its addons. Get a premium, dedicated WordPress theme with a customisation tool at no cost! Choose from a variety of niche solutions, including the Medmix doctor appointments theme, Laveri WooCommerce store theme, and Lotus Spa beauty salon WordPress theme.

Easy API Integrations for Third-party Services

Stratum makes it easy to integrate your WordPress website with third-party services like Google Maps and Instagram feed gallery. Simply add tokens associated with your account, style your widget with Stratum, and enjoy seamless embeds of your favourite tools.

Seamless Visual Interplay with Your WordPress Theme

Stratum takes care of the defaults by inheriting styles from your theme, ensuring visual consistency across your website. It emphasises blending with your current design, particularly in terms of typography and colours.

Elementor Template Library Integration

Stratum allows you to insert custom Elementor templates into widgets like Accordion or Tabs, speeding up your customisation workflow. It also automatically updates the Template Library when you add new templates.

Free Widgets in Stratum, Pro in Elementor

Stratum offers at least six widgets as free alternatives to those available as Pro in Elementor, including Advanced Slider, Advanced Posts, Testimonial Carousel, Masonry Gallery, Flip Box, and Price List. These feature-rich widgets allow you to create modern-looking testimonials, fantastic portfolios, and more.

Widget Settings & Examples

On our blog, we cover all the content and styling possibilities of Stratum’s Elementor addons, with dedicated articles for each widget that explain features and show real-life examples. Discover best design practices and see what you

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